2 februari 2024 in
VOV Lerend Netwerk

Rapidmooc is standhouder op de VOV-Beurs van 2024! Ontdek hier wie ze zijn en waarvoor je bij hen terecht kan op de beursvloer.

Rapidmooc designs and markets all-in-one video studios.

Combining both the video recording hardware and the capture processing software, they offer multiple functionalities that are very easy to use: from the recording modes to the essentials of post-production editing, including an interactive teleprompter, the Rapidmooc solution offers the possibility of creating professional quality videos, independently, in volume and at a lower cost.

More than 600 universities, companies and institutions use them: enthusiastic and prestigious customers from very different sectors of activity: Sanofi, l'Oréal, Oxford University, ESCP, ministries, specialized schools (aviation, navy, cooking...) and many more!

EdTech with an international reach, Rapidmooc Inwicast has offices in France (Paris, Lyon), the United States (New York), the United Kingdom (London), Germany (Essen) and Switzerland (Geneva).

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Discover the all-in-one smart video studio used by 600+ universities, schools and companies, in 40+ countries! Come and try to record a video yourself, you'll be amazed by how easy it is to use the Rapidmooc studio.

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